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Previously known as the Huddersfield Manga Con, Majikkon is a celebration of not only Japanese pop-culture, fashion and games, but also Western comic book heroes and Sci-Fi shows. This event at the University of Huddersfield allows fans of these genres to come to meet with like-minded people in the North of England. Visitors range from the age of 5 to 50 and come from all walks of life.


MAJIKKON has been running in association with the Huddersfield Literature Festival for 4 years since 2011, starting as a small convention organised by a club of students called Manga Management. Around 80 people attended the first event; however it has been growing ever since, counting a footfall of approximately 1100 people in 2014.


The venue is divided into different activity areas, each drawing its own dedicated following. Four highlights of the Majikkon programme are located in the university’s sports hall. The main stage programme features fun competitions and musical performances. The nearby Vendor’s Corner offers a chance to browse merchandise related to pop culture, whilst young talented artists showcase and sell their art in the Artists’ Alley. It’s a great opportunity to talk to the artists in person; some even take on requests for personalised drawings. Majikkon is particularly proud of its Creative Corner, inviting event attendees to become artists themselves by crafting their own memorabilia of the day.


Refreshments are provided in the Student Central canteen area, whilst the top floor hosts the Games Floor, Lolita Lounge and Photography room. Visitors can register for console and card game tournaments via the homepage and pitch their gaming skills against each other for the chance to win attractive prizes. Those on the lookout for fashion accessories and a chance to have their nails decorated are welcome to stop by the Lolita Lounge, named after the Japanese fashion accentuated by cute ribbons, frills and dolls. The popular Bring and Buy section where second-hand accessories brought in by visitors on the day to be sold, is also located here.


More information on this year’s Majikkon’s programme is presented on the homepage (www.majikkon.com). Additionally, keep up to date through social media via Facebook (www.facebook.com/majikkon), Twitter (twitter.com/majikkon), or Tumblr (majikkon.tumblr.com). For direct enquiries, please e-mail the organising team via contact@majikkon.com.


Tickets are priced at £10 per adult. The event is free for a child under the age of ten accompanied by a paying adult. Additional children under the age of ten are £2 a ticket. Due to the limited amount of tickets available on the day, Majikkon advises to prepurchase tickets through the Lawrence Batley Theatre through either the website(www.thelbt.org) or Box office number 01484 430528. On buying a ticket an option for postage (79p) is available which sends the ticket to the given address. These tickets can also be picked up directly from the Lawrence Batley Theatre (3 minute walk from the university ) at any point until the March 5th 2015. Alternatively, a print out of the confirmation e-mail can be brought to the ticket registration on the day.


People interested in experiencing Majikkon 2016 as a volunteer can fill out a form on the webpage (www.majikkon.com/volunteer) and will be contacted by our volunteer co-ordinator.