Amelia fell into cosplay by accident in 2012, and is now always on the look-out for more terrible TV to watch while embroidering. History graduate by day and real-life Disney princess always, she has been cosplaying and performing for five years, playing small acting roles in film and television alongside working with organisations including Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Sky, HBO and George R.R. Martin himself as part of the ‘Game of Thrones’ promotional spree.


In 2016 she rediscovered her love of the stage and returned to competitive cosplay; this year she has been one half of an MCM ‘Best in Show’ pair award, won runner up at the recent LFCC ‘professional’ masquerade, amongst placing in other competitions. Most recently, she and her cosplay partner qualified to represent the UK at the finals of the European Cosplay Gathering 2017 in Paris, and is looking forward to both competing and judging at more events in the future!!


Photography by Kyle McVean Photography, MattEleven Photography and James Bissett Photography.


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