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The Cosplay Masquerade


Majikkon's Cosplay masquerade will take place on Saturday 11th March where our cosplayers will showcase their creations. They will compete for prizes and the chance to be crowned the winner of this year's masquerade. The event is free to enter and anyone under 12 must have permission from a parent or guardian. Good Luck!


Your time on stage is brief (around 1minute 30 seconds) so do your best to make a lasting impression and pose for photographs! To maximise your time, why not practice your poses beforehand? Before the Masquerade starts, there will be a briefing to help you understand how the show will work and our cosplay guests will help you get into the zone.

There are brilliant prizes up for grabs for the winners, as chosen by our panel of judges, as well as a certificate you can take home and frame up.


You MUST read and understand everything below this paraghrap before participation.


How to enter


You can sign up for the masquerade before the event and must complete the form as accurately as possible. Sign up will open on Monday 5th December 2016. Depending on the popularity of the event there may not be spaces available on the day so enter online to avoid





This year there are 3 categories. Costume construction, costume under 12s and performances. If you enter your costume into the competition and would also liked to be considered for peformance than please mention this under any special requirements. Please note that groups are welcome to compete however we can only allow a maximum of 5 on stage at a time.


When you have submitted your form you shall be contacted by one of the Majikkon cosplay team who will confirm your application has been successful and ask for reference pictures and music.


1.Costume construction display are for entries wishing to show off a handmade costume. Most of the costume must have been handmade by the entrant.  Any bought items (except wigs, shoes and small inconsequential items) must have been modified. You must be 13 or over to enter this category. We do accept groups but there is a maximum size of 5. Places are given first come first serve in time of submitting their application. You will get 1 and half minutes to show off your entry to our audience and judges. You will be judged and there will be prizes available. You may enter as a group if one of you has made the costume and another is the model.


NOTE: If any entry if found to be passing a bought costume as handmade they will be disqualified.


2. Costumes under 12s are for young entrants wishing to show off a handmade or bought costume. An adult must accompany them throughout the event and on stage if they are under the age of 5. Each entry will receive a prize for participating.


3. Performance is eligible to anyone who would like to showcase their costume but not get judged or entries who did not make the costume themselves. You will get 25 seconds to show the audience your costume and get some pictures taken by our audience. You will not be judged and are not eligible for a prize.




You costume can be from anything! Original concepts are taken as well as characters from films, anime, comics, etc. All entries will need to be supported with reference pictures that must be submitted upon confirmation of your entry. You will also need to choose music that you wish to walk to in the masquerade this must be submitted at least two weeks before the event. Failure to do so will result in your place being given to the next available entry.

You may lose your place if you do not submit your reference pictures and music two weeks before the event (7th March 2015). This will be at the discretion of the cosplay registration team. You may also lose your place if the cosplay registration team feels you are either putting anyone at risk or it is not acceptable for our event.

Photographs will be taken of the masquerade and by participating in the masquerade you are consenting to Majikkon using your image for advertisement or media usage.




Each cosplay shall be judged in 3 categories; craftsmanship, accuracy and performance. Groups are also judged as a whole. Judges shall use the pictures you provide as well as any questions they ask to determine your score.


•Craftsmanship - (highest score 10) How the costume is put together, techniques used, problems overcame.

•Accuracy - (highest score 5) Appropriate materials, accurate colours, details, style.

•Performance - (highest score 5) How well the costume is presented on stage, how the entry engages the audience, performing the character's mannerisms.


There will be 4 prizes given including two judges awards to use as they see fit. Please remember the judges' decision is final. Please respect their decisions.


                          Costume and props


You must be adequately dressed to a “family friendly” standard. We would ask cosplayers to refrain from particularly revealing costumes in consideration of our choice to open the event to people of all ages! Please be aware that some characters are rather scantily clad or wearing particularly provocative clothing and these costumes are not suitable for this event. Likewise, please don’t wear a particularly controversial costume. If you are in any doubt, please contact the convention staff. 


Your costume must be safe for you to wear, not falling apart around you, and safe for those around you. Please make sure that any edges, for example on armour, are not sharp and won’t injure anyone. If you do need to make any adjustments to your costume please go to the cosplay help desk where repairs can be done.


All props must abide by UK law. Bear in mind that it is illegal to carry realistic imitations of firearms, and some martial arts training equipment in any public area in the UK. Metal blades (dull or sharp) are strictly banned from the premises.


Projectile weaponry is banned from the event. Realistic imitation firearms are banned from the event even if they have been disabled from firing. This includes, but is not limited to, pellet/BBguns, paint ball guns, air guns, water funs, cap guns and dart guns. Props that imitate projectile weapons or are classed as toys (for example, if you bought it from a toy shop originally or built it from scratch without any firing mechanism inside) will need to be inspected at the ticket desk and again by the cosplay help desk staff. Explosive special effects devices such as flashpots and pyrotechnics are not allowed on the premises.


Props over a metre in length, or any prop that imitates a weapon (for example, something that, while small, looks like a gun or a knife, including shuriken etc) must be declared to staff at the ticket table and then inspected by the Cosplay help desk team. The convention reserves the right to confiscate any prop or weapon that is deemed unsafe, does not conform to the rules and regulations, is not law-abiding, or is against the university’s policies. In these cases, props will either be retained by staff for the duration of your stay at the event (and released to you when you leave) or you may be asked to leave the premises if the staff cannot safely store your prop for you. All props that have been passed by the cosplay help desk must have to have a tag on them so Majikkon staff can recognise that it is acceptable. All props that are confiscated will be held at the cosplay help desk for you to pick up when you leave.


A member of staff may approach you at any time on the convention premises and ask if you have had your prop checked by the cosplay help desk staff (which shall be identified by the tag). If not, you will be asked to do so immediately. If you are found intentionally avoiding having your prop checked or refuse to have your prop checked then you may be asked to leave the convention. These rules have been put in place to insure the safety of our visitors and to prevent any intentional or accidental incidents.


                                 Help desk


There shall be a help desk next to cosplay registration to help with bag handling and costume repair. So I will provide some resources to help people fix up costumes, provide mirrors so people can put on wigs, etc. We do not want cosplayers invading toilets for obvious reasons.

* Required



By filling out this form you have agreed for us to use photos taken from the masquerade and use it on Majikkon for advertisement and media purposes. Please be aware members of the public may take photos for recreational use only. Once you have received confirmation of your place we ask that you send us some reference pictures as well as music that you wish to walk to on the day. Any further enquiries please send them to cosplay@majikkon.com or contact@majikkon.com

Thank you for applying!

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