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The Creative Corner is anything but a corner at the Majikkon event. The convention places a large emphasis on creative, hands-on activities and workshops. Every year we endeavour to include an increasing number of exciting and instructive workshops for all ages. You can check out some of the workshops in action, under the                       section.  **In 2017 the Creative Corner will be situated in the main hall **

Manga T-shirt Workshop: Make your very own manga t-shirt! This stall offers guests of all ages the opportunity to make their very own creative clothes; guests can either draw their own design or choose from our pre-made stencils.

Blindfolded drawing contest: A drawing contest fit for all guests, beginner and experience artists alike all have the same chances of winning as contestants are blindfolded and asked to draw a popular anime character. The results aren’t always what the contestant expects!

A chance for you to give us feedback, be creative and leave a mark on our convention each year! The scribble board is accessible for all, whether you’d just like to write your name, or you want to draw a masterpiece, just pop over and please leave us a message!


Teru Teru Bozu are traditional Japanese weather charms. Hang them up by your windows to bring clear skies and sunshine! [or upside down if you’re hoping for rain!]. We’ll definitely be hanging lots up in hopes for another sunny convention!

Create your very own manga, anime or sci-fi key-ring by following the examples provided or creating your own based on your favourite character!

The biggest dream of any young wizard is to get their very own wand and go to Hogwarts. Convinced your owl must have lost its way? No worries! You can still create your very own incredible wand without travelling to Ollivanders Wand Shop.

Create your very own badge and show off your love for your favourite series. Draw your own design or use one of our premade templates, a fun craft that you can keep for yourself or give to a friend!

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