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Helen Alice Cosplay is a cosplayer of over 8 years and 40+ costumes. From those she’s built up a large range of skills and knowledge in every avenue of cosplay and can take on every challenge a costume could ever throw at her. This summer Helen is part of European Cosplay Gathering representing part of the UK cosplay team.



GUESTS | confirmed

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Hey guys I am your host SuperSorrell, my youtube channel has everything from Toy Unboxing Reviews, Mystery Boxes by Loot Crate & My Geek Box to in depth Action Figure reviews of Star Wars Elite Series, Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends and Marvel Ultimate Series. I love Funko Pop......READ MORE

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Amelia fell into cosplay by accident in 2012, and is now always on the look-out for more terrible TV to watch while embroidering. History graduate by day and real-life Disney princess always, she has been cosplaying and performing for five years, playing small acting roles in film and television alongside working with organisations including Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Sky, HBO and George R.R. Martin himself as part of the ‘Game of Thrones’ promotional spree.


In 2016 she rediscovered her love of the..... READ MORE


LittleJem will be Judging the Cosplay Masquerade as well as holding a joint panel with Kenny, discussing aspects of armor building. Click for panel info.

Kenny will be Judging the Cosplay Masquerade as well as holding a joint panel with LittleJem. Click for panel info.

Helen Alice Cosplay will be Judging the Cosplay Masquerade as well as holding a panel on cosplay 101, cosplay v lolita, preparing to compete, posing etc.  Click for panel info.

Don't miss Raikiriskyfall dance battle perfomance on stage. Click for info.

Superdorrell will be performing on stage, don't forget to come, meet and greet him!

Click for info.

AsherJayBeach is a cosplay youtuber who creates unique videos on his Gaming, Vlogs, skits, cosplay music videos and updates on his transition. He will be showing his skills and performing one of his entertaining skits at Majikkon!

Sentinel Squad UK is a Star Wars themed not for profit costuming organisation which raises money for various registered causes. Sentinel Squad will be patrolling the convention thoughout the day, don't forget to get your picture taken.


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Xina uploads Kpop and Odottemita dance covers to her YouTube channel and performs at events across the UK.

You can find her at https://www.youtube.com/c/xinachudance  


Xianchu will be performing a 30 minute dance routine on stage, don't forget to come, meet and greet her! Click for info.



Lord Illusion will be performing a 30 minute  routine on stage, don't miss this mind-blowing magic act.

Comedian·Magician·General Mischief Maker


Lord Illusion is a breakout comedian from Derbyshire in the UK. Combining conversational comedy with mind-blowing magic and mentalism, Lord Illusion offers a truly unique experience.




'Meian' means light and shade in Japanese. And this is the idea of the cafe! It's a Dark vs Light cafe. Meian Maids will be hosting a Maid Cafe at Majikkon. Book your place! There will be space available on the day, but it will be limited and not guaranteed so it's better to book since it's free!






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