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12:00 AM - Main stage (sports hall) PLEASE ARRIVE 10



*Contestants must be 10 years + The quiz will be of an

intermediate level in oder to fully test your Anime knowlege*


"Do you think you know your stuff? Do you find yourself

humming  the openings to your faveourite anime series? Why

not take part in "Name that Tune: Super Anime Edition"!


We're looking for up to 6 contestants to take part as we

blast you with anime tunes for fun and prizes on stage.


The game will be split into 3 Rounds;

Round 1 is simply name that anime, we'll play upto 30 seconds

of a track the first contestent to raise their hand will get a

chance to give the correct answer you will also receive bonus

points for naming the song.


Round 2 is the odd one out round. We'll play a small number of

tracks at a time all with a theme be that Shonnen, Shojo, Mecha

or something else. Contestents will write down which track they

think isn't part of the theme.


Round 3 is the movie round, instead of openings to anime series

this round will feature music from popular anime movies, points

will be scored" for correctly guessing the movie.


Pre-registry is required, for any places remaining sign-ups will

be taken at 11:30am, on the right hand side of the main stage

(sports hall)


We request that the audience refrain from shouting out answers.

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* Required