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MAJIKKON :Huddersfield Anime/Manga & Comic Con 2017


Majikkon 2017 is taking place at the Huddersfield Leisure Centre on Saturday the 11th of March from 11am till 5pm.

Huddersfield Liesure Centre

The venue

Spring Grove Street,


West Yorkshire


United Kingdom

The cloakroom is a space for Majikkon visitors to safely store any items, which they do not wish to carry on them during the event. Large backpacks, motorbike helmets, suitcases etc. are not allowed in the main hall or on the games floor, please leave these in the cloakroom.

The cloakroom will be situated next to the ticket desks. On arrival, ticket staff will make you aware of this.


Small items: £1 each | Medium items: £2 each | Large items: £3 each









We cannot accept, hot food/drink, weapons, drugs or any illegal substance. Valuables such as expensive jewelry, large sums of money, phones, laptops or other electrical goods are left at your own will, Majikkon do not accept liability for any items being damaged or lost during storage. Staff reserve the right to refuse to store any items at their discretion.


The cloakroom will be open from 11:00am until 6:30pm.


Any items not collected before 6:30pm will be taken to the security-holding unit. We will attempt to contact the owner of any lost/forgotten items the next day. You can reach us on contact@majikkon.com regarding any related issues.

Please be aware that no item will be given out from the cloakroom without the presence of a valid receipt, please keep this safe at all times. If you have lost your receipt you will be asked to provide strong evidence to prove ownership of the item. Majikkon staff holds the authority to refuse the return of any item if they feel insufficient proof of ownership has been given. In this instance you will be asked to wait until the end of the convention for security purposes.


Staff will be supervising the cloakroom at all times within the operating hours. All care will be taken to help store your items safely and securely. However, Majikkon does not take any responsibility for any damage caused to any item during storage. You leave your items at your own discretion.

cloakroom items





The Leisure Centre is conveniently located in the Springwood area near to the centre of Huddersfield, just off the A62 Ring Road, Castlegate.


If using satellite navigation please enter our postcode to find us: HD1 4BP.



Springwood Street, Huddersfield, HD1 4BE

Springwood car park which is opposite the road from the Leisure Centre

Monday to Saturday 8.00 til 18.00; up to five hours £2.50, over 5 hours £4. Sundays are £1 per visit. Please note that after 16.30 a discounted rate of £1 will be applicable until 18.00 when no fee is charged afterwards. Parking on a Bank Holiday Sunday is free of charge.



The car park directly next to the Centre has 120 spaces. There are 10 disabled spaces and mini bus parking bays available.

Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm for up to 4 hours is £2.80 (after 6pm is FREE).Maximum stay is 4 hours on any day.


There is also a multi-storey car park next to the bus centre and floors 4, 5 and 6 are designated long stay areas.



The Leisure Centre is just a few minutes walk from the bus station and can be accessed by a new underpass. It is approximately a ten minute walk from the train station following the directions for the bus station.



There is a level, wheelchair accessible area to the front of the Centre and a drop off zone for buses. Ten disabled car parking spaces are located to the side of the building and a level, covered pathway leads round to the front. Our Reception has been designed for ease of use with a low level service point and there are wheelchair accessible turnstiles plus a lift close by to get to the first floor.Corridors and doors are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs throughout.